Geyser for High Rise Building
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Geyser for High Rise Building

Thanks to the modern technology Geysers, now getting hot water is just easy as pressing the switch. As water storage tank in high rise building is located at the roof, significant height. Because of this water pressure in the inner walls of Geyser tanks is very high. During the course of time, due to water pressure geyser tank becomes weak and start to leak.

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  • Safety valve is the most important accessory to look for. Check brass made safety valves instead of plastic valve. These safety valves, discharge the water from geysers through the drain pipe in case of water pressure exceeds the pre-set (threshold) limit to avoid breaks in inner tank, further avoids geyser repairs.

  • Water pressure on geyser tank calculates in terms of "bars". If your living in high rise building, it is advisable that go for geyser that has Rated Pressure 8 bar. In the product specification look for rated pressure or pressure term. 8 bars can also be represented as 0.8Mpa. Few very good geysers with 8 pressure bars are Racold Eterno, Crompton Arno Neo, Racold Geyser Altro, Havells Fino, Crompton Solarium, Racold Pronto, Havells Monza.

  • These inner tanks are prone to water leakage due to high water pressure. It is very difficult to judge the Geyser inner walls strength based on the material like copper, stainless steel or glass-lined coat. Because even for each material the strength can vary depending on the quality of the manufacturing. Best indicator on the quality of geyser inner walls is the number of years warranty on geyser inner tank. Many geyser manufacturers provides 5 year warranty on inner tank. Higher warranty means that geyser tank is made with high quality material and strength consideration.

  • The above guidelines are same for both the gas geysers and electric geysers, instant and storage geysers. You can buy high pressure resistant geysers online. Bajaj, Havells, Racold, V guard are well known brands with varying capacity like 10 ltr, 15 ltr and 25 ltr.

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