How to increase geyser water pressure?
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How to increase geyser water pressure?

If you are getting high pressure in all taps except the geyser, it might be due to a malfunction in the geyser. Most of the time fluoride, sediment - white coloured material deposits on geyser heating rods and reduces water flow. Here is one Youtube video showing sediment deposits in geysers. In this case, contact your local electrician, he will take care to remove sediments from the geyser.

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If all your bathroom tap water pressure is low, in this go for “Pressure-Pump”. Pressure-pump is an electric pump which automatically turns on/off when you open the geyser tap.

geyser pressure pump

The pressure pump has to attach to the geyser water inlet (cold water pipe) pipe. On tap open pressure pump recognize and pushes the water with pressure into the geyser, eventually increasing the geyser water pressure. On the geyser, the tap closes the pressure pump automatically shuts off and consumes no electricity. This solution works very well, particularly for geyser water as a pressure pump serving only geysers.

But if you want to increase the whole home tap water pressure, go for the big pressure pump which has to fit a nearby water tank, on the terrace. This type of pressure pump serves the whole home. When you open any tap - kitchen sink, geyser, or common faucet pressure pump automatically powers on and pushes pressurised water into pipes, eventually increasing the water pressure in all taps as well as in the geyser.

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