What will happen in an electric geyser if there is no water in the geyser tank?
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What will happen in an electric geyser if there is no water in the geyser tank?

Let me tell you the simple and straight answer, the thermostat(thermal cut-off switch) senses the inner tank temperature, and on overheats, it cuts off the electricity supply. So the answer is MIGHT not be geyser blast, but only sometimes.

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In general, the thermostat is a device which senses the geyser's inner tank temperature. On thermostat sense the water reaches a certain temperature, it cuts off the electricity supply. In our case, the running geyser without water, and the heating element heats the air, and water around it. Eventually, it heats the inner tank whereas the thermostat senses the inner tank temperature and cut off the electricity supply to avoid overheating. After a certain time, when the inner tank temperature comes down, the thermostat allows the electricity supply again and it heats the tank, this will go on. This will go reduces the geyser's lifetime and impact on inner tank's performance.

But the problem arises when the thermostat is malfunctioning/not working properly, it overheats the dry tank, which causes the heating element to overheat and burn out which can lead to damage to the geyser and potentially cause a fire. In the unfortunate event, the geyser might be blasted. Most of the time thermostat will take care of this type of situation. Our recommendation is to avoid this situation.

  1. Always check running water is coming before turning on the geyser.
  2. Never left the geyser in turn-on for a long time.
  3. Must and should check geyser is turned off before leaving the home.

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