Is gas geyser legal in India?
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Is gas geyser legal in India?

Yes, gas geysers are entirely legal in India, and there are no restrictions on their usage. However, in our opinion, gas geysers are not safe to use due to the associated risks. Many people avoid using gas geysers and opt for electric geysers instead, which are considered safer to use with no risk of suffocation or burns.

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While gas geysers are legal in India, they can be dangerous. The process of heating water in gas geysers consumes oxygen and releases poisonous Carbon Monoxide gas, which can cause suffocation, impact the human nervous system, and even lead to death. Due to these risks, we do not recommend using gas geysers. The dangers associated with gas geysers make them not worth the risk.

Can gas geyser run on PNG gas? Is that legal?

Yes, it depends on the geyser manufacturer and PNG supplier. To check if your geyser is compatible with PNG usage, refer to the geyser user manual to see if it is suitable or not. If it's not suitable, the PNG supplier technician can make small changes to the geyser, such as changing the gas burner to a PNG-compatible burner.

Please inquire with your PNG supplier about the usage of gas geysers. Check their Terms and Conditions to see if gas geysers are allowed or not. Most gas geyser suppliers have no restrictions on their usage. Below, I have attached screenshots of Adani Gas and Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited's terms and conditions regarding gas geyser usage on PNG. In our opinion, if the PNG supplier restricts the usage of gas geysers, do not use them and comply with the law. Using gas geysers despite restrictions may make you ineligible to claim life or home insurance in case of any accidents caused by them.

Last words

Gas geyser usage is legal in India, but safety depends on how careful you are. So, are gas geysers safe to use? Well, it's not a straightforward answer. Gas geysers can be safe to use if installed and maintained properly. However, there are certain risks involved that you should be aware of. For instance, inadequate ventilation in the surrounding area can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. To ensure the safety of your gas geyser, it's crucial to follow safety guidelines and have a qualified technician check it regularly. Ultimately, the safety of using a gas geyser depends on proper installation, regular maintenance, and usage in a well-ventilated area.

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