Geyser vs Immersion rod
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Geyser vs Immersion rod

Economical price of Immersion rod makes it very alluring option compared to the Geyser. But Geyser have it's own advantages. Let's explore the pros and cons in detail.

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Feature Immersion rod Geyser
Price Economical:
Rs. 300 to 600
Little expensive:
Rs. 3,000 to 20,000
Portable Yes, helpful if you are moving houses No
Water heating time Takes more time to heat the water Takes less time to heat the water
Hot water quantity Very limited More, depending on model, up to 25 liters
Safety Not safe, completely not child safe, there is chance of getting electrical shock. Safe
Convenience Difficult: Take some time to setup bucket full of water and plug the rod Easy: Just switch on
Auto off system Not available Available
Water heating method Water is not heated uniformly Water is heated uniformly
Well known brands Bajaj, Crompton Greaves, Usha, V-Guard, Maharaja Bajaj, Havells, Racold, V-Guard, AO smith, Kenstar, Crompton
Example AO Smith EWS-3 3 Litre 3KW Instant (Geyser) Crompton ACGIH-IHL102 Immersion Water Heater

Immersion rod water heater

It is extremely useful, economical way of heating the water. Immersion rod is a device used for the heat the water. To heat the water, immersion rod is installed in utensil or a bucket along with water and plug in the wall socket, that's it. Because of immersion rod simple working principle and economical price, it's quite popular in India. You can buy branded immersion rod in less than Rs. 600 in India. Immersion rod consists a coated metal rod. Electricity passes through the rod as result rod heats up which further heats the water. Only the problem is coating on rod which insulates the electric shock. In the course of duration immersion rod loses it's coating and causes electric shock. Immersion rod needs special care while handling it. It is not child safe.

Geyser water heater

It's more useful but little expensive solution to heat the water. Geyser basically contains sealed metallic container and mounted on the wall. A cold water pipe line attached to geyser inlet valve and geyser outlet valve attached to the tap. When cold water passed through the geyser, the heating element present in an inner container heats the water. The advantage of geyser against its counterpart immersion rod is there no need to set up the heater( like fill the bucket and plug the rod). With geyser you can just switch on the electricity supply and after 5 to 10 minutes open the tap for hot water. With geyser no need to worry about electricity shock.

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