Why Does a Geyser switch melt? Common Causes Explained
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Why Does a Geyser switch melt? Common Causes Explained

To prevent the switch/socket from melting/burning, make sure to use a switch with the correct wattage/ampere rating, replace old, worn out switch/sockets and wires, use high-quality branded bras made switch/sockets, avoid overloading the circuit, isolate the wiring from the main board toGeyser, no other appliance must and should not run on the same circuit, check and tighten any loose connection and most important always keep switch and wiring dry. It is always better to consult a professional electrician for electrical repairs.

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ActuallyWrong Ampere(amp) switch or socket(Overloading): If your geyser switch is rated for a certain wattage, connecting an appliance that consumes more power than the switch can handle can cause it to overheat and melt or burn. Ampere(A) is the measurement of calculating Switch/socket electricity handling capacity(Hopefully, non-technically satisfiable definition). Every switch/socket had a certain ampere, which is directly related to your Geyser’s Wattage. For wattage, and info check your Geyser user manual or check it on the Amazon page. Wattage differs from one Geyser to other. In general switch/socket, the actual ampere capacity is 80% of the given amperes, this is known as Safe Max Ampere.

             Geyser’s Watts
Ampere =   ------------------------
	     Electricity Voltage

For example, Geyser wattage is 2000 Watts(2 Kilowatts) And in India standard household electricity supply voltage is 220v

Ampere = 3000/220 = 13.6A

For 13.6A, nearby Safe Max Ampere is 16A, with respect to the 20A switch/socket. This means for 3000 Watts Geyser go for 20A switch/socket. Anything else less than 20A switch/socket will burn/melt and causes electricity hazard in future.

For example, Geyser wattage is 2000 Watts(3 Kilowatts)

Ampere = 2000/220 = 9A

For 9A, the nearby Safe Max Ampere is 12.8A, with respect to the 16A switch/socket. This means for 2000 Watts Geyser go for 16A switch/socket. Anything else less than 16A switch/socket will burn/melt and causes electricity hazard in future.

So above calculation helps to choose a suitable switch/socket depending on theGeyser's wattage. Most of the time, people replace old Geysers with new ones without bothering about the electric switch/socket. For instance, the old Geyser is 2000 watts and was running on 16A switch/socket. Whereas, the new Geyser is of 3000 watts which need 20A switch/socket. Due to a lack of knowledge, people don’t replace switches/sockets. However, the old switch/socket(16A) works well for a few days after that it burns/melts and becomes useless as well as hazardous.

So in conclusion, if the Geyser switch/socket burns/melt, first check switch/socket ampere is suited to theGeyser wattage or not. If not, replace immediately switch/socket.

Old and worn out switch: Over time, Switches/sockets become old, worn out, corroded, or damaged. As result, it looses handling capacity. This makes excessive heat buildup, which results in melting and burning. Low-quality switches are made of iron-like metals which can be easily corroded with moisture, leading to a short circuit and overheating. So always go for bras made branded and perfectly suitable ampere switch.

Old and worn out Geyser: Over time, salt and scaling formation on the Geyser tank and wear and tear causes the Geyser consumes more electricity than specified. This more electricity consumption burns/melts old switch. In this case better to go for a new switch/socket with little high ampere(Not recommended)

Incorrect wiring/loose connection: Incorrect wiring from MCB main board to Geyser like Geyser wiring shared with other appliances(Always must and should be isolated wiring to geyser), very thin wiring, damaged and old wires. All this causes arcing, sparkling in switches/sockets and generating excessive heat.

Electrical Short Circuit: Short circuits can occur due to damaged wires or electrical insulation, which causes electricity to flow through unintended paths, generating heat and possibly causing the switch to melt.

High Voltage: Due to a malfunction in the grid power supply makes wires warm out and switch, and sockets meltdown. In this case, you won't use a Geyser as well as any other electric appliance, it might damage the appliance as well as become a safety hazard. Better to contact a professional electrician, immediately

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