Does the geyser stop working when the inflow of water pressure is low?
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Does the geyser stop working when the inflow of water pressure is low?

Let me tell you the simple and straight answer, geysers won’t stop working on low inflow water pressure. However, geyser performance will little decrease. Geyser hot water flow will be less because the geyser releases hot water only when it intakes cold water.

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In general, some water is always stored in a geyser tank(irrespective of instant/tankless geyser or storage geyser). When you open a geyser water tap, previously stored water gets hot and comes out, at the same time new fresh cold water enters into the geyser. Basically, newly entered cold water pushes hot water to get out through the tap. In our case, if the inflow water pressure is low, it won’t push/slowly push hot water to get out. As a result, hot water gets hot and hot, and comes out slowly through the tap.

Overall, low inflow water pressure gives low outflow hot water, actually a little hotter water than you set on the heating knob, and eventually increases electricity bill.

If other water taps in the bathroom have low water pressure, it's not a problem with your geyser. This might be due to your bathroom is just below the terrace - tank or improper plumbing. The use of a Pressure pump will help to increase water pressure in all taps. The pressure pump is an electric pump, is turned on when you open the water tap and automatically turns off on off the water tap. Even there are Pressure Pumps which standalone used for the geyser to increase water pressure.

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If all other water taps get proper water pressure except the geyser tap, then the problem is in your geyser. Salt composition and scaling formation inside the geyser might be a reason for low pressure. In this case, you need to contact a professional technician, take care of removing dirt, salt, and scaling from the inner tank.

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