How to Calculate Geyser Size
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How to Calculate Geyser Size

How to select the right geyser size is simple, provided that you understand certain facts about geyser types in India and the various sizes available in the market. When talking about how to select the right size geyser, how big the geyser does really matters. As a matter of fact, you will have shortage of hot water before you complete your shower, if you have a very small tank installed. On the other hand, you will be wasting your hard earned cash on heating water you will end up not using, if you invest your money on a geyser that is too big.

Therefore, just follow the complete water heater capacity guide on how to select the right water heater capacity discussed below to find the ideal capacity of water heater that will give you the value for your money.

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Geyser size calculator
Family size Purpose of hot water Geyser type Recommended Geyser capacity
2-3 members For bathing using bucket Instant Geyser 6 liters
2-3 members For bathing using bucket Storage Geyser 10 Liters to 15 Liters
2-3 members For bathing using shower Storage Geyser 25 Liters
2-3 members For washing kitchen utensils or for hand wash Instant Geyser 1 Liter to 3 Liters
4-8 members For bathing using bucket Instant Geyser 6 liters
4-8 members For bathing using bucket Storage Geyser 25 Liters
4-8 members For bathing using shower Storage Geyser 25 Liters
4-8 members For washing kitchen utensils or for hand wash Instant Geyser 1 Liter to 3 Liters

Geyser Size Calculator

Consider the Available Space

Putting the available space you have is also vital when it comes to how to choose a geyser size for your domestic Indian family use. For example, the traditional type of geysers is huge in size and occupies a considerable amount of space. This types of geyser will only be suitable where there is large amount of space. Nevertheless, instant water heaters are space saving types of water heaters due to the fact that they are small in size and occupy considerable less space, unlike their traditional counterparts. Bajaj Splendora 3L 3KW IWH Instant Water Heater is the most famous instant geyser. Here is the list of storage geysers for your reference.

How long Geyser last

The longevity of the geyser water heater must be considered when you want to buy your new geyser water heater. Instant geyser water heaters are more durable than their storage geyser water heater types in view of the fact that hot water storage geyser water heaters can decompose. Without exaggerating, instant water heaters can last for 20 years and above because they come with easy to replace parts that prolongate their lives.

How to Choose a Geyser Capacity?

The right water heater of your choice must have reasonable storage capacity. A conservative or traditional type of water heater is the best and the right one for you, as far as water storage is concerned. A full-sized tank water heater will store about 20 liters of hot water and at the same time serves the requirements of your bathroom, laundry and kitchen, while a instant water heater will make only a few liters of hot water available at a time. Please read 'Instant geyser vs storage geyser' and 'Can we use instant water heater for bathroom?' for more information.

Water Heater Efficiency?

What is the geyser water heater efficiency of your choice? This needs to be thought of before selecting one for your home use. The present day instant geyser water heaters consume less power than the conventional types. Power is only utilized when the heater in on because instant water will only heat water when used.

Nevertheless, water is reserved in a big tank of a conventional geyser water heater set, and when the water cools down, the fuel starts and repeats the heating. You need an energy saving heater because it will save you some bulks on electricity bill. However, how to select the right geyser water heater capacity requires you to seek the one that features higher energy factor before you finally buy your geyser water heater. Please read How to Reduce Geyser Electricity Consumption? for more information.

How much water is required for my family?

Below is a very simple guideline for you.
  • For bathing making use of bucket water - This is 15 liters for one person per bath (this is one bucket). However, you will have to add 15 liters per bucket, if more buckets of water are used.
  • For bathing with shower - The required quantity of water is 25 liters for each person per bath.
  • For extended shower bath or tub bath - It is 35 liters per person for a bath.
  • For washing clothes - This will require 10 liters person for a day.
  • For washing utensils - The quantity of water needed is 5 liters person for each meal.

In other word the total hot water needed per day for the household will amount to 100 liters, if there are 4 people in the household and all of them take shower bath. Continue adding the water per use according to the above guidelines to get the water requirement of your household.

So what is the ideal capacity?

The best capacity of geyser water heater should be near to the volume of hot water needed at once. Hence, 15 liters of geyser water heater will ensure that the water is optimum hot by the time you goes to bath at places where the tap water temperature is not too low, should each member of your household have their bath one by one and use 25 liters of water.

Just 25 liters capacity of hot water will suffice if 25 liters of water is needed for a bath, in case the tap water temperature is too low, particularly in cold places. If your geyser water heater is linked to 2 bathrooms then the perfect capacity is 25 + 25 = 50 liters as 50 liters of water can be used at the same time.

Conversely, this does not imply that 6 liters water heater will not be sufficient, but it will take more time to heat the same quantity of water or you might have to bear with cold water at the end of your bath. Ideal water heater sizes are those that produce an adequate amount of heat that are good for utmost immediate use.


Without doubt, geyser water heaters are necessary in every home to assist in tremendous weather situations. This is why how to select the right geyser water heater size is an important issue that needs careful consideration, even though a number of people believe that all they need is just to range a geyser by size of their home to select the right water heater capacity. How to select the right water heater capacity requires you to identify the number of people in your house, how high you need hot water at your busiest hot water usage time of the day and some other factors.

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