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Pureit Vital Max Water Purifier Review. What’s good, What's bad?

on November 03, 2022
Rating: (4.0)    

This water purifier features advanced FilterPower technology that can remove industrial chemicals and pesticides. Eco-Recovery technology makes this water purifier save up to 80 glasses of water daily. Moreover, the SmartSense indicator alerts you 15 days before the Germ Kill Kit(GKK) runs out, gives you enough time to replace cartridges, and ensures you always drink safe and sweet water.

Pureit Vital Max Features

  • Filtra Power Technology

    This “NextGen RO” technology removes viruses, bacteria, cysts, and toxic substances like industrial chemicals, and pesticides. Gives high filtration capacity. Vital Max is capable to filter 24 litres per hour.

  • Advanced 7-Stage Purification

    Pureit vital max water purifier 7 stages

    • Stage 1: Pre-Sediment filter

      It removes the fine and coarse/large particles from raw water and improves the life of the whole water purifier.

    • Stage 2: Pre RO-Carbon filter

      Carbon is nothing but an Activated-Carbon filter made from black coal, which removes especially chlorine and other organic components, and pesticides from water which causes bad odour and taste.

    • Stage 3: Mesh filter

      Multiple layers of mesh filter remove finer particulate impurities like mud and finer stone particles.

    • Stage 4: RO membrane

      Reverse-Osmosis(RO) removes dissolved salt and heavy metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury. In short, RO converts hard water to soft water.

    • Stage 5: UV chamber

      Water passes through the ultraviolet(UV) light chamber. UV radiation kills diseases causing microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

    • Stage 6: Post carbon

      Again, this one more Activated-carbon filter acts as a polisher and enhances the purified water taste.

    • Stage 7: Carbi-trap

      This filter removes floating loose carbon particles.

  • Eco Recoveryᵀᴹ Technology

    For your information, during the RO purification process, RO makes a lot of waste water, which will be thrown out. Whereas, Vital Max - Eco Recovery Technology saves up to 80 glasses of water daily compared to ordinary RO.

  • Mineral Enhancer Cartridge

    Mineral enhancer cartridge helps to enrich the water taste by adding additional, essential minerals like calcium and magnesium.

  • Smartsense Indicators

    Led indicators like water level, GKK(Germ Kill Kit - inside filters replacement), and UV light status(faulty/working fine) to make sure that the Water purifier always works in the best condition.

  • Water Storage Capacity & High-speed purification

    Consists of 7 litres storage tank and provides high-speed purification of up to 24 litres per hour.

  • Purifies all types of drinking water

    Capable to purifies all sources of water like borewell hard water, municipal, and tank-supplied contaminated water. One thing that needs to consider before purchase is that supplied water TDS(Total Dissolved Solids - Water Hardness) must be less than 2000 PPM. Please use a “TDS meter” pen to measure the TDS level of your source water before buying a water purifier. However, any household water purifier is capable to purify water levels up to TDS level 2000 PPM only. This is not a drawback of Vital Max.

  • Membrane Protector(MP)

    MP avoids the formation of sediment and crystalline salts on RO and UV filters, ensuring RO and UV always work at full capacity and longer filter(RO+UV) life.

  • USEPA Compliant & NSF 58 Certified

    United States Environmental Protection Agency(USEPA) and National Sanitation Foundation(NSF) certified, gives the guarantee of the capability to remove 1 crore viruses & 10 crore bacteria from 1 litre of water.

Pureit vital max features

Pureit Vital Max Pros  

  • 100% RO purified

    100% of the water passes through the RO and UV light, giving completely safe and sweet water always. Whereas, other companies water purifiers pass some raw water through RO and the remaining raw water bypasses the RO filter. Efficient UV sterilization kills up to 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and cysts.

  • UV-fault alarm

    Smart-Sence indicator UV-fault alarms make water purifiers always deliver purified water. Most water purifiers have no way to know whether UV light is working or not. Vital Max products UV-light indicator, best in industry feature.

  • vital max uv fault alarm

  • Auto shut off

    SmartSense indicator starts blinking 15 before GKK expires. During that, if GKK has not replaced the AutoShut feature automatically shut off the water purifier so that it won’t deliver unpurified water.

  • vital max gkk status

  • Purifies 24 litres per hour

    This purifier gives 24 litres per hour filtration capacity which is much higher compared to any other water purifier.

  • Free external Sediment filter

    Free external sedimentary and housing container box. Most of the other brands charges approximately cost Rs. 1000 to Rs.1500 for sediment filter but Pureit gives it free.

  • Long life filter

    Filters run approximately up to 6000 litres which is double that of any other water purifier.

Pureit Vital Max Cons  

  • High maintenance cost:

    This is true for most of the RO+UV water purifiers though. Depending on usage GKK(Germ Kill Kit - filters) needs to replace as general maintenance. You need to replace GKK-1 and GKK-2 when the led indicator blinks. The approximate cost of both kits is around Rs. 4100

  • No TDS display:

    No inbuilt TDS meter, which gives details of unpurified and purified water hardness details, just like the inbuilt in Pureit Ultima Water Purifier. You can buy an external TDS meter pen for this.

  • No UF and MF:

    No UF(Ultrafiltration), MF(Microfilteration) were provided. UF and MF are used to remove dead microorganisms bodies that are inactivated to due UV light, whereas the absence of these UF, and MF makes dead microorganism bodies lie in purified water. However, impurities are inactive, not a best practice.

Pureit Vital Max RO+UV+MP Water Purifier review

Pureit Vital Max RO+UV+MP Water Purifier


FiltraPower Technology, Advanced 7 Stage Purification, Eco Recovery Technology, Mineral Enhancer Cartridge, Smartsense Indicators, Long Filter Life (RO+UV), Efficient UV Sterilization, Membrane Protector.
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On purchase from Pureit official website, use offer code PUREITVITALMAX for 10% instant discount. For more offer codes go through below link.

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Pureit Vital Max Advertisement

Pureit Vital Max User Manual

Pureit provides an in-depth product user manual with lots of information like product features, its 7 stages of purification filters, and their respective functions. Other information like how to clean the water purifiers, meaning each led indicator meaning and many things are briefly summarized in the user manual.

Pureit Vital Max price

Approximately cost Rs. 14000 to Rs.15000. On offers like Great India Sale and Big Billian Days products will be discounted from Rs.1000 to Rs.1500. Yearly replacement filters kit(GKK - Germ Kill Kit) priced approximately Rs. 5000 and the service, and delivery charges Rs. 300 additionally. On purchase from Pureit official website, use offer code PUREITVITALMAX for 10% discount.

Pureit Germ-Kill Kit(GKK) content

  • Pre Sediment filter - 1 number
  • Pre-RO carbon filter - 1 number
  • Mesh filter - 1 number
  • Anti scalant cartridge - 1 number
  • RO membrane - 1 number
  • Integrated TDS + Post carbon filter - 1 number
  • Flow restrictor 200CC - 1 number

Pureit customer care number

For water purifier service and repair contact Pureit customer support at 1860-210-1000 during working days. However, this is not a toll-free number and you can't make the call from pre-paid mobile with monthly recharge. You have to recharge your phone with a top-up of Rs. 10 or more. I felt this major pain point while contacting Pureit. Another way is to approach on Whatsapp at +919739101344 at any time. Its computerized chatbot offers order GKK, request service, device installation, and complaints services. One more way is through website Pureit official website.

Pureit customer care

Closing thoughts

Overall, the product does what is designed for. Advanced technologies like RO+UV along with new technologies like FiltraPower, and EcoRecovery, and all these features at just approximately Rs. 14000 to Rs.15000 make it the best in class as well as best in the budget product.

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